Last Day in Banta

As our last day in Banta comes to an end, we have had very little time to reflect on the trip.  I guess that will come later.  We were all busy this  morning traveling to different villages to participate in church service.  I was privileged to preach today in Mogborie.  We had a great service with some wonderful people.  Though a small village, it is very picturesque as it sits by a quiet stream, accessible by a small footbridge.  Some young boys were bathing in the stream and brushing their teeth when we crossed.  Seemed quite natural to them, but not what we are used to.  The others all traveled to other churches in the area to participate and encourage the believers there.  We spent the rest of the day trying to finish up some projects and leave instructions for the remaining work.  Great to see the children enjoying the lights and water.  Many had never seen water flow from a faucet, so they were quite mesmerized.  Though we are sad to leave at this point, i think we are all ready now to come home.  It has been an incredible experience for us all and we are grateful for the opportunity.  We pray God’s blessing on this place as we depart.    Jim


~ by pdub26 on March 7, 2010.

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